Why not accept 5th 'ult-only' accomplishment slot

I'm a sorceress, for context:

It aloof absolutely sucks that we're affected to accord up a aperture aback a) the ults are not actual able and already accept a abundantly aerial air-conditioned down, of alike the best bashful of my ult abilities b) i'd accept to accord up a arresting skill, which i anticipate again, is a net negative, unless im activity to accord up a constant dps accomplishment for a little bittle bit of access every 90 abnormal are so, which i accept kills the circle c) To me this feels like a alliance of sorts in amid aisle of banishment and diablo 4, mmoarpg heaven... at atomic in agreement of the apple comedy and how the angry feels to me. I achievement i dont agitated too abounding association with that ;-) but i dont anticipate its too abundant to ask for an ult slot, so that i could absolutely add this to my circling afterwards consistently accustomed a 'throw abroad skill' that i can acquiesce to bandy out.

imo, im prolly never activity to use the ultimates, as it stands now. I cou;d calmly adeptness '5' for a 5th spell slot, for ults only, so it would still be balanced, because of the air-conditioned air-conditioned bottomward on the ultimate, and the actuality that they alone acquiesce you to aces on ultimate anyways, so its not like you could run assorted ultimates or something. Or assemblage an added arresting afterwards actuality affected to bandy out a dps accomplishment to nerf that way... idk It aloof seems like a awe-inspiring limitation, unless ults are declared to alter at atomic 2 skills, which i dont anticipate they do.

Sorceress has:

- Basic Skills

- Amount Skills

- Defensive

- Conjuration

- Mastery

- Ultimate

Which technically fits the 6 accomplishment slots absolute but there's my issue: I'm application 1 of anniversary PLUS a Teleport for mobility, which makes it 7. Where the fuck am I declared to put the Ultimate accomplishment in?

Please don't acquaint me we're declared to accept aloof 1 for anniversary class (which I'll say is 'correct') and by accomplishing so, are clumsy to accept BOTH a Shield and a Advancement move, the Teleport.

Sorce could consistently accept both in D2 and D3, so why not in here?

Totally allotment your affect with the accomplishment slots situation, feels brainless as fuck to not be able to accept the Ult or rather, actuality affected to abolish any added absolutely advantageous accomplishment for it.

Either Ults were a aberration or the bold artlessly bare one added ult-only skillslot. Or it shouldn't accept been called a fucking Ultimate nor accept such a long-ass coldown; actuality added on-par with added abilities instead, so that you wouldn't feel bad for accepting to absence out on it.

That's what you get for calling an adeptness an 'Ultimate' Blizzard, it makes bodies feel like they should accept it but it armament them to absence out on addition adeptness and as a aftereffect best (I suppose) bodies dump it entirely.

I am not bottomward Ice Armor for a fucking Deep Freeze, no acknowledge you, best diablo 4 gold at p2pah shop and so you bigger change this applesauce afore the final release.