Which one to prioritise

I accept a Water Magic Knight and a Water Monkey King. I was apprehensive which one I should activate first?

I'm cool new to the bold and summoners war in general, and I don't apperceive which one would serve best to my team. I've been attractive at bank lists and it's a alloyed bag on whether one or the added is better.

Anyone accept any opinions?

Neither? If you're cool new, neither one of those is annual advance assets into. Accomplish a acceptable 3 brilliant team, alter some of those 3 stars with 4 stars over time. Then, aback you accept abundant devilmon, you absolutely accomplishment a 5 brilliant and add that. If you don't accept abundant devilmon to fully-skill a 5 star, don't bother with it until you do.

Which amendment would be a acceptable three brilliant or four brilliant team? I anticipation back they were 5 stars at atomic one would be a acceptable advance aloof until I get bigger ones...

This abstraction is absolute in theory. Im currently at the date area I can acquiesce to absolutely body a distinct nat 5 (full akin activate 10 + abounding skill) and accept to use one as placeholder until I get bigger mon so I can restore my congenital 5 and tramsfer resources.

Problem is you charge to be able to do aloof that - absolutely body one. A bisected congenital nat 5 is weaker than a absolutely congenital nat 3, which costs decidedly beneath assets to build.

Hold assimilate your nat 5 for now until you have, lets say, a bald minimum of acceptable 5* rune set + 15-17 5* devilmons, afresh you can try architecture ones you appetite to use, alike befitting it seasonally for contest until you charge a altered one that fits your charge better.

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