Throne and Liberty Multiplayer Demo Overview

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The hands-on experience with the MMO Throne and Liberty, while not revolutionary, showcased its multiplayer potential, especially through a specific dungeon encounter. This approach is commendable, considering the challenges of demonstrating an MMO’s depth in a short session. The focus was on a level 30 dungeon called Roaring Thunder, featuring cross-platform play between PC and Xbox Series X|S. The demo illustrated a blend of traditional and action-oriented MMO mechanics.

Role and Controls:

Participants were pre-assigned roles; I played as a melee tank using Great Sword and Sword and Shield on the Xbox. Despite my preference for other controllers, the Throne and Liberty controls stood out. The game balances weapon switching, reminiscent of New World’s Aeternum, with traditional tab targeting and action mechanics.

Combat Mechanics:

Weapon Skills: Throne and Liberty offers four active skill buttons per weapon type, ensuring constant engagement in combat. The skills are intuitive, even without detailed descriptions, and the cooldowns are short.

Parrying and Dodging: The game features active parrying with perfect timing bonuses, and dodging is more about avoiding environmental hazards and attacks, enhancing the action feel.

Team Dynamics: The game encourages protective maneuvers, such as tanks absorbing damage for teammates, adding strategic depth to combat.

Dungeon Experience:

Trash Mobs: Standard fare for MMOs, serving primarily to practice skills.

Boss Fights: These encounters are more dynamic, similar to FFXIV, avoiding prolonged tank-and-spank scenarios. For instance, one boss required strategic positioning near water to counteract fire attacks, adding an interactive element to the fight.

Complex Boss Mechanics:

One of the bosses introduced intricate mechanics, such as using grappling hooks to activate environmental elements (e.g., dousing the boss in water to prevent power-ups). The grappling system, though slightly floaty, integrates well with the gameplay, allowing for smooth transitions into gliding as part of the battle strategy.


Throne and Liberty impresses with its blend of old-school and modern MMO mechanics, intuitive controls, and engaging multiplayer dynamics. While it may not redefine the genre, its thoughtful design and immersive combat scenarios make it a promising addition to the MMO landscape. The demo highlighted the potential for deep, strategic gameplay, particularly in multiplayer settings, ensuring it caters to both traditional and contemporary MMO enthusiasts.

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