Summary of Diablo 4 Campfire Chat

Summary of Diablo 4 Campfire Chat:

- The developers expressed the desire to revamp the damage system, especially since Vulnerable is in its own category.

- They want to address how quickly players can reach levels 50-100.

- Powerleveling will be reworked to allow players to help friends but prevent them from sitting at the beginning.

- The team aims to be more transparent with patches in the future.

- They acknowledge the mistake of taking away player fun with a recent patch and don't want to repeat such actions.

- A ladder - season 3 will be added, and significant changes will be reserved for new seasons only.

- A hotfix is expected to be released soon.

- Patch 1.1.1 will bring various changes, including an additional stash tab, increased density in nm dungeons and Helltide, higher elixir stack size, and a 40% reduction in Respect cost. Additionally, Barbarian and Sorceress changes are coming.

In the Q&A session:

- Uber unique items might change to prevent builds from relying too heavily on them, but there are no immediate plans for it.

- Loadouts will be added eventually.

- Patch 1.1.1 is expected to be released in a couple of weeks, with another stream next Friday to discuss it further.

- The team is aware that more content is needed for levels 75-100, and they have plans to address it.

- They will work on improving loot drops, possibly adding loot filters, and creating content for targeted item farming.

- The addition of a group finder is being looked into.

- Changes to armor, especially for hardcore, will be addressed, and certain mobs causing excessive damage will be changed.

- Hotfix notes will be released later on the same day.

- The idea of upgrading Codex of Power to help with stash space is interesting to the team.

- The impact of the recent nerfs, especially to weapons, has been considered, and the developers want to provide more alternatives and make changes more gradually.

- The increased cast time on leaving dungeons will be reviewed.

- The team will monitor the reception of adding 6-7 items per season before deciding on more.

- Plans for resistances are being saved for season 2, as it will be a significant change.

- Campaign bosses may be added more frequently in the future.

- The team is aware of PS5 crash issues and is actively investigating them.

- More ways to modify/craft gear will be added in the future.

- The developers are looking into optimizing the number of abilities for classes with minions (e.g., Necros and Druids) and improving minion survivability.

- Legendary item drops from treasure goblins will be buffed in the future, and the team may explore adding more types of goblins in the style of Diablo 3.

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