Sihoks Michael Madden 17 Champ "Kellermak" Clark to compete in the Club Championship NFL

And it will culminate in electronic sports game led the NFL (madden 18 coins), which began more than three months, on Saturday, April 15, when the winners advance team NFL Madden 17 Football Championship at the Club Championship Series.

It was Sihoks one of the eight teams, together with Jaguar Jaguar, Pittsburgh Steelers, Buffalo Beals, Minnesota Vikings, heads of Kansas City, San Francisco 49ers and the New England Patriots, for hosting top players ie sport from all over the country evenings and digital work competitively in their cities.

In Seattle, Paul Allen in a museum owned by pop culture, the best experts in the Madden area came together in early March for Madden 17 Sihoks Club Championship Series. Kylie Kifln defeat in the last lap to take the title, and earn points at the end of this week the series championship Club.

Now, "Kellermak" will stop against the winners of the other seven clubs tournament, and he will have a chance to compete for the series to get points and prizes - two top finish - a place in the tournament will be held Maden May.

The winner is the Club Championship Series in the amount of $ 20,000 in cash. Second home $ 10,000 and third place will receive four $ 5,000, $ 2,500 and go to those who finished fifth to eighth place.