Ravendawn Online: A Mixed Bag of Potential and Frustration

Ravendawn Online, a free-to-play MMORPG, offers players a unique gaming experience with its isometric, top-down camera angle, and a plethora of features ranging from sailing and PVP to a reputation system. In this article, we'll delve into the game's various aspects, from character creation and combat mechanics to the intriguing narrative and diverse gameplay elements.

Character Creation and Archetypes:

Upon entering Ravendawn, players are greeted with a birthday celebration setting, where they pick from eight archetypes, each representing a distinct playstyle. The game allows players to choose their character's gender and name, emphasizing simplicity in character creation. The archetypes include archery, witchcraft, wizardry, spiritual, shadow, protection, holy, and warfare, catering to different preferences.

The initial moments of the game involve impressing one's virtual father by wielding a weapon. The combat, however, reveals itself to be less engaging, with a tab-targeting system that lacks the dynamism and action typically associated with MMOs. While the combat system may not appeal to everyone, the archetype customization and ability cards add depth to character development, allowing players to shape their playstyle.

The Dream Tutorial:

The game introduces a unique twist with a dream tutorial, where players wake up as a child celebrating their birthday. The AI-driven NPC voices, while initially quaint, can become grating over time. The dream sequence serves as an immersive introduction to the game's mechanics, even if the combat leaves something to be desired.

As the player progresses through the dream tutorial, the story takes an unexpected turn, revealing that the entire tutorial was, in fact, a dream. The player's dog becomes a guide, leading them into the real world of Ravendawn, a land plagued by earthquakes and in need of a hero.

The Ravendawn World:

Ravendawn's world presents a blend of traditional RPG elements and unique features. Players can explore cities, undertake quests, and engage in activities like farming. The public spaces in the cities allow for communal farming, adding a social aspect to the game. Crafting and gathering involve enjoyable mini-games, contributing to the overall immersion.

The narrative unfolds as players navigate through quests, revealing a slowly crumbling world and the protagonist's journey to become a hero. However, as the story progresses, some players may find the dialogue and quests becoming repetitive, potentially diminishing the overall enjoyment.

Issues with Combat and Camera Angle:

While the game boasts intriguing features such as PVP, sailing, and a reputation system, its combat mechanics and camera angle become stumbling blocks for some players. The combat, especially for melee characters, feels lackluster, relying heavily on a tab-targeting system that might not resonate with everyone.

The isometric and top-down camera angle, while attempting to offer a unique perspective, proves disorienting for many players. Navigating through the world becomes challenging, with instances of obscured pathways leading to frustration. Motion sickness induced by the camera angle further hampers the overall gaming experience.

PvP, Trade Packs, and Reputation System:

Ravendawn Online introduces a compelling PVP system, allowing players to engage in player-versus-player combat after reaching Level 20. The open-world PVP toggle and infamy system add depth to the PVP experience, discouraging the wanton killing of innocent players.

The trade pack system, involving crafting goods in one town and transporting them to another for sale to get Ravendawn Silver, adds an economic layer to the game. However, the risk of PVP during transportation and the potential loss of trade packs upon death create a sense of danger and excitement.

The reputation system, not extensively covered in the main questline, provides players with an additional layer of progression and interaction with NPCs.


Ravendawn Online presents a mixed bag of potential and frustration. While the game introduces innovative features, including archetypes, sailing, and PVP, it falls short of delivering a satisfying combat experience for some players. The isometric camera angle, though aiming for uniqueness, becomes a divisive element, causing discomfort and motion sickness.

Despite its flaws, Ravendawn Online may appeal to players who can overlook its shortcomings and appreciate its diverse gameplay elements. The game's free-to-play nature makes it accessible for those curious to explore its world. However, individual preferences will play a significant role in determining whether Ravendawn Online becomes a cherished adventure or a fleeting experience.