Path of Exile 3.24: The Scourge with a Budget Build

In the realm of Path of Exile, the 3.24 Scourge league has brought forth exciting new possibilities for character builds. While many may be lured by the elusive and expensive Stasis Prison, I present to you a significantly better alternative, at a mere fraction of the cost. Join me as we delve into the intricacies of this Path Of Exile currency budget build and explore the power of ward, spellcast loops, and explosive damage.

Let's begin by discussing Ward—a mechanic akin to an energy shield but with a twist. When we have a million wards and suffer a mere one damage hit, our ward drops to zero for the next five seconds. However, with the ingenious use of the Oros' Resolve flask, we can maintain a consistent 70% reduction inward without it ever breaking. This means that even if we have a thousand wards and take a 1200 damage hit, we lose only 200 lives while still benefitting from the damage taken and recouping mechanics. This synergy forms the backbone of our build, making it extremely potent.

To ensure the constant uptime of Oros' Resolve, we need to invest in flask duration and charges gained. While there are multiple ways to achieve this, I have tailored a specific approach for this build. It's important to note that nullifier rares can strip the flask effect, so caution is advised, especially in hardcore mode.

By combining Oros' Resolve with a moderate amount of ward and life recoup, we can trigger the Heartbound Loop ring as frequently as we desire. This ring becomes our primary source of healing and offers immense sustainability. With sufficient ward and chaos resistance, we can even spam the Forbidden Right ability without any issues.

To further enhance our build, we employ level 11 Anomalous Skeletons with reduced duration support to create a level 5 Cast When Damage Taken (CWDT) spellcast loop. This loop, combined with the Heartbound Loop, allows us to sustain a high level of damage and recoup health efficiently. Additionally, by investing in mana recoup, we can cast spells freely, exploiting the power of Barracks Respite—a remarkable POE item that augments our damage output.

Speaking of damage, our build excels in scaling ignites. By utilizing the Elementalist ascendancy, we ensure that every hit we land ignites and shocks enemies. This synergy synergizes perfectly with Barracks Respite, as it proliferates and ignites an infinite number of enemies, granting unparalleled clearing speed. Notably, the Pyroshot Clasp provides substantial physical damage reduction without compromising our spellcast loop, as it does not rely on armor.

While a rare belt would grant powerful flask modifiers and the inclusion of Survival Secrets for additional wards, I've calculated that utilizing Barracks Respite is more advantageous for this particular build. Attempting to use two Oros' Resolves would desynchronize the Survival Secrets mechanic, rendering it ineffective. Hence, the trade-off is a conscious decision to optimize our playstyle.

With Barracks Respite handling our clearing needs, we can focus our attention on maximizing single-target damage. Our spellcast loop allows us to spam various utility spells, including an ignite-focused skill. While Fireball initially suffices for clearing, it falls short in terms of single-target damage. Hence, I recommend embracing the flavor of the month—Detonate Dead. This automated variant forces us to stand atop enemies for maximum damage output, granting an exhilarating and immersive experience.

To bolster our single-target damage further, we integrate Purifying Flame into the spellcast loop. This clever inclusion ensures the survival of our one-link specters without any investment into minions. While I utilized a specific Megalomaniac to make my specters immortal, it is not a mandatory requirement.

Quantifying the sheer power of this build is a challenging task, particularly after the 3.23 Nerfs. The maximum damage output hovers around a few million, but numbers alone fail to capture its true essence. To truly appreciate its potential, one must experience it firsthand—mindlessly wandering around, jamming to the symphony of devastation.

In conclusion, Path of Exile's Scourge league introduces a budget build that rivals the allure of the expensive Stasis Prison. Harnessing the potential of ward, spellcast loops, and devastating ignites, this build offers unparalleled clear speed and formidable single-target damage. While the numbers may not do it justice, the exhilaration of playing this build is an experience in itself. So, embrace the Scourge, fellow exiles, and witness the might of this affordable and potent Path of Exile build.