New World Elemental Assassin: Blunderbuss and Rapier Build Guide

In the vast and treacherous lands of New World, mastering a unique and powerful build can be the key to conquering both PvE challenges and emerging victorious in intense PvP encounters. The "Elemental Assassin" build, featuring the deadly combination of the Blunderbuss and Rapier, is a burst-oriented powerhouse designed to unleash devastating elemental damage. In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the intricacies of this build, providing insights on skill rotations, weapon synergies, and customization options to maximize your effectiveness in New World.

New World Elemental Assassin: Blunderbuss and Rapier Build Guide

Blunderbuss: Unleashing Elemental Fury

The Blunderbuss, often relegated to a secondary role in group play, takes center stage in the Elemental Assassin build. Its ability to interrupt basic attack animations with quick and potent skills sets the stage for explosive burst damage. The primary focus is on maximizing burst potential, utilizing a variation of the Burst Combo build from the Blunderbuss Weapon Guide.

The key skills for this build include Azoth Shrapnel Blast, Net Shot, and Claw Shot from the Containment skill tree. This combination enables swift gap-closing with Claw Shot, a powerful slow with Net Shot, and an efficient escape option. Notably, the Ramp passive becomes optional, allowing flexibility in customizing the build for specific scenarios.

For PvP situations, consider opting for Future Endeavors to enhance Stamina recovery and make the most of perks like Refreshing Evasion. In PvE, adapt the build by swapping Net Shot for Splitting Grenade or Mortar Charge, providing excellent AoE damage options for different scenarios.

Rapier: The Art of Precision

The Rapier serves as the consistent source of close-range damage and dueling prowess while the Blunderbuss recovers its cooldowns. This versatile weapon incorporates two distinct skill trees—one tailored for PvE and the other optimized for PvP.

For PvE, the Blood Tree takes precedence, emphasizing the synergy between Tondo, Flourish, Finish, and Flurry. This combination yields high consistent damage through Tondo's Bleed and Flurry. The To the Bone upgrade further enhances burst damage by extending Tondo's duration, culminating in a powerful detonation via Flourish and Finish.

Key choices in the PvE tree include Light Edge versus Heavy Puncture. While Heavy Puncture reduces reliance on Flurry for Tondo's Bleed duration, Light Edge provides overall higher DPS, requiring a well-timed Flurry for optimal stacking.

The PvP-oriented skill tree brings a balance of offensive power and defensive utility. Evade and Riposte replace the typical Bleed-focused core, offering enhanced survivability and strategic advantages in player-versus-player engagements. Flexibility is crucial, with options like Controlled Breathing for extra stamina recovery or Lasting Consequence for a longer stun in 1v1 scenarios.

The Elemental Assassin build with the Blunderbuss and Rapier opens up a dynamic and potent playstyle in New World. Mastering the art of burst damage, strategic skill rotations, and adapting to different scenarios will empower you to excel in both PvE challenges and PvP encounters. Customize your build based on your preferences and playstyle, and create a true Elemental Assassin in New World with the help of New World gold shop MMOexp.