Necromancy's Lackluster Delivery Sparks Concerns for Future Skills

The release of Necromancy in RuneScape has stirred a diverse range of reactions within the player community, particularly when compared to the highly acclaimed Archaeology skill that preceded it. This player, with a history dating back to 2006, expresses a sentiment shared by many – that Necromancy feels rushed and lacks the depth and engagement seen in previous skill releases.

Archaeology set a high standard with its unique blend of discovery, lore, and diverse activities. Despite the inherent repetitiveness that accompanies most skills, the player recounts how Archaeology managed to create an illusion of constant engagement. The skill featured various dig sites, new artifacts, unique items such as the Spear of Annihilation, intricate lore, Easter eggs, and innovative systems like Chronotes and Relics. Even weeks after its release, players were still making new discoveries, contributing to the enduring appeal of the skill.

In contrast, the player describes Necromancy as a "braindead skill" that offers a simplistic choice between combat and ritual clicking, lacking the vibrancy and creativity seen in Archaeology. The sentiment is that, over the years, the ability to infuse skills with a sense of fun and liveliness has waned. The departure of Jmods post-Archaeology but pre-Necromancy is noted, suggesting that this group represented the last generation of developers who truly understood player preferences.

While Invention, a previous skill release, faced challenges, the redemption came with the exceptional release of Archaeology, indicating a learning curve. The player expresses concerns about the future, emphasizing the different teams working on these skills and the fear that the current generation of developers may not capture the essence of what makes a skill enjoyable for players.

Looking ahead, the player advocates for a deliberate and unhurried approach to the 30th skill, proposing that it should be RuneScape 3's final skill. The sentiment is that reaching the milestone of 30 skills is a fitting point to conclude skill releases, allowing the development team to redirect focus toward refining existing content, expanding to 120 levels, introducing new areas, and exploring novel skilling methods. The player acknowledges the game's potential for longevity but suggests that a strategic shift away from frequent skill releases could benefit the game's overall quality.

In summary, the call to action is for Jagex to invest time and creativity into crafting the next skill, making it RuneScape 3's final one. The plea is for the development team to break the pattern of inconsistent skill releases, learn from past experiences, and restore the sense of excitement and engagement that defines the RuneScape experience.

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