​NBA 2K23 My Career Season 7 Update: Rewards and Animations

What's up everybody, welcome back to NBA 2K23 My Career! Season 7 has just been updated a few minutes ago, so let's dive right into it. In this article, we'll discuss the season's rewards and new animations. So, let's get started!

First, let's take a look at the season rewards. At level 2, you will receive a ball. As you progress, you'll earn various rewards such as 5 tokens or 2K23 MT for My Team at level 6, double XP at level 9, more double XP at level 15, and banners at level 16. Level 18 brings another hour of double XP, along with jerseys, apparel, and more banners.

Reaching level 25 grants you a My Team highlights reel pack, while level 26 rewards you with another double XP boost. The journey continues with cool banners at level 29 and throwback mascots at level 30. Level 31 offers 15 Gary boosts, which can be quite helpful. Additionally, you'll receive more packs, double XP boosts, extra badge points, and even an NBA mascot at level 40. However, it seems that this season's rewards might not be as impressive as those from the previous season, as some players have pointed out.

Moving on, let's explore the new animations. The article specifically highlights the scoring moves and jump shots. Unfortunately, at the time of writing, no new jump shots have been revealed, except for JR Smith's and Ricky Rubio's. JR Smith's jump shot shows promise, especially with some customization to the release speed. Ricky Rubio's jump shot, on the other hand, doesn't seem as appealing. It's worth mentioning that the rewards and animations from this season might not be as exciting or impressive as those from the previous one.

Next, the article delves into the dribble pull-up and post-hook shot animations. The dribble pull-up animation from Jason Tatum looks cool and could be useful, especially for creating separation from defenders. The post-hook shot animations include Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's and Booker's, both of which offer unique options for players. These animations have the potential to enhance your gameplay and provide different strategies to overcome defenders.

The playmaker moves section introduces new dribble styles such as John Stockton's. While it's not deemed the best option so far, it could still prove useful with further experimentation. The article also mentions various signature size-up animations like Donovan Mitchell's and John Wall's, which might be worth exploring for players looking to diversify their playstyles.

Furthermore, the article touches on size-up escape packages, with Kemba Walker being one of the featured animations. Although the article doesn't go into detail about these animations, they present opportunities for creative ball handling and deceptive moves to outwit opponents.

Lastly, the article briefly mentions celebrations and emotes as part of the animations. While these may not impact gameplay directly, they add some fun and personality to your player's on-court presence.

In conclusion, the season 7 update for NBA 2K23 My Career introduces new rewards and animations to enhance your gaming experience. The rewards may not be as impressive as those from the previous season, but they still offer various benefits and customization options. The animations, although not extensively explored in the article, present new opportunities for scoring, ball handling, and playmaking.

So, gear up and jump into the game to discover these new additions for yourself! If you enjoy the article, Stay tuned for future updates, and happy gaming! Cheap NBA 2K24 MT For Sale will be sold on NBA2king.