​My mind approximately NBA2k23 Current Gen

I've performed approximately 10 video games of rec and I suppose ive visible sufficient. Theres approximately 30 steals a recreation, no person can shoot, put up hooks are OP once more for no cause like damaged unguardable OP lmao damaged builds, i ought to move on. Thats most effective in 10 video games.

My query for this thread is how do I move approximately getting my refund, I offered the virtual deluxe and were gambling the ps4 model reason no person in my squad has ps5s but.

Only offered it the day gone by digitally due to the fact I even have the virtual most effective model of ps5.

Last yr I performed approximately per week earlier than I gave up.

This yr, I permit a few CPU vs CPU video games run. This is PC, like you.

85-86 Bulls, Superstar vs Houston Rockets Current crew.

In 20 video games, each recreation become a 40+ factor blowout for the Rockets. MJ averaged eight ppg on avg 2-sixteen taking pictures. Bill Wennington become the Bulls main scorer.

The offense become typically stand dribbling or skip the ball round till the shot clock is set to expire, then toss up a closing 2d shot. Scoring become broadly speaking large guys getting the rebound for a peculiar 1/2 of hook positioned again.

I do CPU v CPU due to the fact if I play, that is what I'm gambling in opposition to. I get that the eighty five-86 Bulls were not terrific, however MJ with eight PPG even as Wennington led the crew in scoring = I noped out of that mess.

NBA 2K23 is already deleted from the HD. No refund.

The recreation is not approximately gambling via an NBA season or in opposition to terrific NBA groups. zero effort and time positioned into that through devs.

On console - antique hardware categorized subsequent gen despite the fact that it is now no longer as much as spec with my PC - a few attempt become installed with the eras, however now no longer lots, do you need NBA 2K23 MT? Now it is all "permit's visit the park YO take a look at out the wingspan on my slasher see my footwear what approximately that grind bruh?"