​MLB The Show 23: The Ultimate Guide to Upgrading Your Ball Player to 99

MLB The Show 23 has arrived, and with it comes the excitement of creating and upgrading your ball player to reach the coveted 99 overall rating. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the best methods and archetypes to quickly upgrade your player, along with some valuable tips and tricks. Whether you're a fan of Diamond Dynasty or looking for a free 99 switch hitter, we've got you covered. Let's dive in!

Choosing Your Archetype

The first step in upgrading your ball player is selecting the right archetype. If you're aiming for a two-way player, consider the "Sparking Slugger" archetype, which offers a balanced combination of power and speed. This archetype is versatile and performs well both as a position player and a starting pitcher.

For position players, the "Power" archetype is highly recommended. It excels at providing the necessary hitting power for maximum offensive output. Many players prefer the shortstop position but feel free to choose your preferred position.

Maximizing XP and Stubs

Grinding your ball player in MLB The Show 23 offers abundant opportunities to earn XP and stubs. Completing Road to the Show missions is a great way to accumulate rewards and progress quickly. Additionally, Diamond equipment packs obtained from these missions can yield substantial MLB The Show 23 Stubs and valuable items, potentially totaling over 60,000 stubs.

Integration with Diamond Dynasty

One of the fantastic features of MLB The Show 23 is the integration of your ball player with Diamond Dynasty. You can utilize your ball player as a designated hitter (DH) or even a starting pitcher in Diamond Dynasty. This flexibility allows you to maximize your player's contributions across multiple positions and improve your team's performance.

Setting Up for Success

Before diving into upgrading your ball player, it's crucial to optimize your settings for a smooth and efficient experience. Set the game difficulty to beginner, ensuring that you'll hit home runs consistently. Adjust presentation settings to fast play, turn off pitch selection, and limit base running opportunities. These tweaks streamline your progression and save valuable time.

Unlocking the Powerhouse

To fast-track your power upgrade, take advantage of a glitched stadium known as "Haiti Road to the Show." This little league ballpark guarantees home runs with every swing. Assign this stadium as your home stadium, and you'll witness an incredible surge in power stats. However, remember to balance your upgrades by also focusing on contact and speed to ensure a well-rounded player.

Maximizing Upgrades

Depending on your chosen archetype, your upgrade path may differ. If you selected a two-way player or a pitcher, focus on completing the required innings pitched in each game to progress through the programs. Pitching six innings and simulating the rest of the game should be sufficient for advancement.

For hitters, particularly power hitters, you can exploit the repeatable extra-base hit mission in the glitched stadium. Each game in this stadium provides a great opportunity to earn five extra-base hits, primarily home runs. Keep track of your progress, and back out of the game once you achieve the desired number of hits.


MLB The Show 23 presents an exciting opportunity to create and upgrade your ball player to new heights. With the right archetype, optimal settings, and strategic gameplay, you can swiftly reach the coveted 99 overall rating. Remember to balance your upgrades, exploit the glitched stadium, and take advantage of the abundant XP and stubs available through Road to the Show missions or buy MLB 23 stubs at MMOtank.

Whether you're dominating on the field as a power hitter, a two-way player, or a pitcher, MLB The Show 23 offers an immersive and rewarding experience. Enjoy the journey of crafting your ultimate ball player and make a lasting.