Microsoft Surface can be used by the rulers NFL rule replays

One of the most prominent marketing initiatives Microsoft Desktop Pro Pro from Windows 10 2 in 1s was a partnership with the NFL. Each year, appeared on the blue surface of the iconic Pro machines on the sidelines and in the replay mode games in the NFL.

The relationship was a bit noisy, with the likes of New England Patriots coach Bill Bilishek publicly complain about the performance of the device. However, the marketers at Microsoft a major breakthrough in the next season, however, due to the officials of the NFL (NFL) to the rule that highly promotional efforts would benefit change, reports USA Today.

The proposed amendment covers the basics on how to deal with replays of controversial decisions by officials. Today, the referee uses a compelling video screen on the sidelines for reuse questionable call. If the amendment passes the base, the drive will be used in the field instead, which will be used in concert with the football New York office in New York.

Of course, the tablet computer that will be used to play the same review Microsoft Surface Pro 4 discs used by the trainers and the staff of the other team. Every time a review of the game, that is the case with a prominent blue surface of the logo is likely to flicker on the screen - and perhaps commentators will say one good thing about the machines.

Such a step, while the risk of an accident Microsoft partnership with the NFL - or maybe not, and secure the United States today, given how the NFL wants to take advantage of taking promotional agreements - will go a long way towards helping Microsoft reap more benefits from marketing investments. Quite possibly commentators can begin with the name right when referring to the tablets rather they call the iPad.

In any case, all of the proposed changes to the rules for the 2017-18 NFL season go before the league owners next week. It is likely that Microsoft breath in the meantime, in the hope that the surface of the Pro 4 machines will dramatically gain more exposure. The company will have to hope to get officials controversial calls or fans can bind to surface loss of their football team.