Microsoft: Sboks new bet on the Scorpio 4K

To face the fierce competition increasing in the games, Microsoft is about to unveil a new gaming console, Xbox Scorpio, which is considered much stronger than the Xbox One are.

According to informed sources, it will detect the console on 6 April 2017, but currently has no information about the technical specifications of the device filter.

The same sources indicate that the device is able to handle games in full HD and 4K, which gives players the game experience will be more flexible and more fun.

Xbox will use Scorpion catalog game well stocked as Kracdonn 3, Forza Motorsport 7, Red Dead Redemption 2, a state of disrepair 2 and so on. All in 4K. Next Title for both of Duty and new games such as Madden NFL 18 with Madden Coins and FIFA 18 or Patelvront Star Wars 2 will also be available in 4K on this new unit.