Madden NFL 18 looks like an incredible project of Scorpio

It was for the fans Sboks the new peak of the Scorpio project with impressive talents thanks to the Madden NFL 18 Coins Although Microsoft was not set officially to reveal its latest console on Sunday afternoon, it took the stage at E3 on Saturday and gave us a taste of Madden around, Scorpio.

The results are astonishing at least.

President of the World Studio E. Patrick Solderlnd shots during any of the sports conference and talked about the project is likely to offer Scorpio.

Said Soderlond: "We are already creating more detailed and high-resolution environments that can see a console." The pictures are also wonderful thanks to the new E Vruzetbit engine, which first appeared in Madden later this year.

He stated Soderlond this part by commending Scorpio, claiming it will come in time.

"Madden looks absolutely amazing, but the creators of the game, the great graphics and effects are just the beginning, and the game is amazingly impressive." Scorpio's project is a powerful platform that comes just at the right time. "

It is expected to reveal additional information about the project Scorpio, including the official name and release date and the price displayed during the Microsoft presentation on Sunday afternoon.