Madden NFL 18 - again enchanting

Football is and will continue to be a German property. If you are in Dortmund, Hamburg or Frankfurt on Wednesday, you will be listened to with colorful sweaters and concealed under all the impressive flags of the general conditions. In contrast, football in Germany despite progress is still Randchenhong. Superbeul Sunday has already found its way into our living room, but a regular season still draws the masses attention.

In recent years, you have no hidden virtual football. Every year Madden numbers NFL sales grow in Germany and simulate the "Morikas Sport No. 1" round and finish.

Madden NFL 18: tuning in detail

Continuous improvement in quality is desirable in the video game series, but not self-evident. After almost complete Pace 6, Pro developed football to reach the self-determination stage before it was able to return to a high level, and FIFA also has a lot of trouble turning small screws without major construction sites elsewhere.

Madden NFL18 does not let go this year, the flip-flop drive does not make any sense. Visually, you can be half-pained and physically correct player collisions. The playful rack has been preserved from the former, and the wheel has not been invented already in the round. The Gokis introduced last year has reduced its performance slightly, but still seems softer. For this purpose, KI-Defense has intensified and edited the criminal style more quickly, so you can not register more easily with the same peasants' actions. Newcomers have to listen to the coaches' suggestions when they announce their transition before starting their teenage teens and their own movements to be able to optimally serve the strengths of the group concerned. Overall, Madden has found Madden NFL 18 Coins centers in this area and only Ventoning.

It's Longchut

From the stadium away, the NBA followed 2K and Viva direction, Longchut has built a small 4-5 hour story space. On paper, the latter reads well. Mahershala Ali plays our father's transformation ego, talented young people back to Devin Wade and guests play stars like legend Dan Marino rotates cast. And "good" wrote sympathetically, and "bad" anger pleases. History itself is also interesting. A young man dominates fate, becomes part of Castingshu and wants to achieve his dream of playing at NFL.

So far, things are good. However, on the way, thanks to FIFA's story and story, a good part of the time spent on the country, we will fall for Longchut on stage and look. Here you can choose between two dialog boxes, a Quicktime event or a small example, and the highest emotions are 5 vs 5 games. Although we were interested in the story, monotony soon appeared because there is too little to play. Naturally, the story of Devine Wade is not yet complete and the Madden NFL 19 is likely to continue. But a bit more sporty game and a little smaller fleet we had already wanted 18 Naden Madden.


Madden NFL 18 brings the very best of the previous product, offering a few round edges, including the odor of the base and still hanging from the rearview mirror. The result is a math game where we try to make detailed improvements to this game that look logical and work perfectly. However casual players can not find many new things, and anyone who can not do anything with Madden 17 will not miss this year's model. This may sound negative but just say that you are very close to the perfect football that is simply not the Kwantsprung expected.

The most remarkable innovation is the story of Longchut. This is a great, unbelievable credit that awaits compassionate characters - and forget a bit playful. At least four quarters of the game can already be! I continue to lie to argue that I'm not interested in continuing the story with Devin-calf.