'Madden NFL 17' Player Report Conference

Championship Sunday in the NFL is a league as we move to have the Final Four. At stake is to qualify for the Super Bowl, Pittsburgh, New England, Atlanta and Green Bay, and its time is not successful unless you have a great game and win. As usual every week during the football season, and the team in Madden NFL 17 release of the latest updates for the player to mark coincide with the tournament Sunday.

For a full list of players who have seen their ratings changed, checks the database Madden NFL 17 rating. Let's start with one of the stars with the Green Bay vs Dallas game last week.

Jared Cook, TE, Green Bay Packers (maximum 3 points to 85 in total)

A player who was released from the gruesome Los Angeles Rams, Cook found new life with the Green Bay after a series of injuries raped corps greeted the Packers. "Cook had six catches for 106 yards and a touchdown with the highlight of his being fish throwing sideline laser Aaron Rodgers to prepare field goal to win the game.

Cook consciousness jumped three points along with great fishing and trapping in traffic rankings also. With the approach of the NFC Championship game against the Hawks, cook a bigger role, given the state of affairs doubtful of two Green Bay receiver devices. Regarding Madden, Cook was the starting tight end on a team and in the end must have card in the sights at all times.

Brock Osweiler, QB, Houston, Texas (down one point to 74 in total)

Osweiler demonstrated performance against the Patriots that he is not the solution to Houston in the middle. 23 versus 40 197 yards, and falling one and three interceptions is not a performance for the starting center in the playoffs. And thinking, Osweiler is approximately $ 15 million, making for the next three years.

In addition to his general vision Brook figure fell, it fell short and medium throw accuracy as well, making him one of the worst choices in the middle of the team at the end of the day Madden. If you have another option to choose from, and choose someone else. With Osweiler, and you get the strength to be crazy to throw in 96, but if you can not accurately throw the ball and then throw the strength means nothing.

Tom Brady, QB, New England Patriots (down one point to 94 in total)

Finally, we saw a crack in the armor infallible Tom Brady last Saturday when he threw two interceptions against Texas. Brady threw two interceptions for the entire regular season even two in a game throwing him is an anomaly. The Patriots have won, but there was something there for Brady and Brady is a game with a completion rate of less than 50 percent.

Although many assessment Brady not fall too much, his only medium accuracy, which is troubling because Playbook Patriots in Madden passes can not drop some medium range. With that said, Brady is still set the center to the team at the end of the day if you want to win some games.

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