Madden 25: How To Play Franchise Mode On Beta

Madden NFL 25 is a new version of Madden NFL. It is an open world game that focuses on collecting materials, items and Madden nfl 25 coins to improve the character's combat power. Of course, there are some other interesting ways to play.To play Franchise Mode on the Madden NFL 25 beta, follow these steps:

Download the Beta: Ensure you have access to the Madden NFL 25 beta. This usually involves receiving a code from EA Sports through promotions or pre-registration.

Install the Beta: Download and install the beta version on your console or PC. Follow the instructions provided by EA to complete the installation process.

Launch the Game: Open the Madden NFL 25 beta from your games library.

Navigate to Franchise Mode:

From the main menu, select “Franchise” mode. This option is typically found among other game modes like Play Now, Ultimate Team, etc.

Choose Your Franchise Type:

You’ll have the option to start a new franchise. You can choose to be a player, coach, or owner. Select the option that suits your preference.

Set Up Your Franchise:

Customize your franchise settings. You can adjust options such as team selection, fantasy draft, league settings, and more.

Start Your Franchise:

Once your settings are in place, start your franchise. You can manage your team, make trades, draft players, and more.

Explore Features:

Take some time to explore the new features and improvements in Madden NFL 25’s Franchise Mode. Pay attention to new gameplay mechanics, improved animations, and any other updates EA has implemented.

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