Lost Ark: ​What class to roll next

What is the next class you'll roll? Welcome to the forum, seeking an simple DPS build. More details in the. I'm the player for Adreianna to EUW and although I like my gunslinger main but I must say that as a man in my 40s, and who is not as skilled as other players I'd need some help in deciding which class to play next.

I do own one Rage Hammer Destroyer alt and an Energy Remaining Deathblade although I am enjoying the destroyer to date I'm not quite at ease with my deathblade just yet.

If I were you and needed something simple to play that doesn't cost a fortune but is quite powerful - what would you suggest and what would you recommend?

Some of the options that have come to mind would be...

1,Reflux Sorceress

2,Demonic Impulse Shadowhunter

3,Taijitsu Scrapper

The three I've came across as possible matches, however I am not sure about them, so if you folks would like to weigh in I'd be willing to listen.

Important note:

I'm not a Chadlancer please, I'm sure it's a perfect fit, however my wife is already a Chadlancer and we'd like to play new class (she's planning to play in a Firepower Enhancement Artist).

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