Lost Ark: ​Things you want to recognize

My glaiv does 3,8 mil in trixion (21 weapon, 5x3, 1691 spec, lvl 7 gemstones) . This is Good that we have become a buff... I desire human beings will whinge greater so we get any other buff after this comming one.

Things you want to recognize/ enhance:

1.You dont as soon as point out your Specialization to your construct. If you're beneathneath 1600 you're gimping your self a lot its now no longer even funny. 1650+ recommended.

2.Full nightmare set is huuuuge buff to our harm.

3.Increased mass is dogshiet tier for Glaiv. Better to apply not anything and opt for better spec gadgets. Grudge, CD, Keen blunt, Pinnacle as 4x3, Raid captain as fifth.

4.You want right fluid rotation of competencies. Not simply mash keyboard like a monkey.

Make positive you've got got your shackling buff nonetheless up whilst the use of thrust of destruction.

Choose right tripod for Raging Dragon decrease - extra decrease or slower one in case your cd gemstones are low.

Half moon decrease need to be used for chasing decrease. Blade of twister is worse till we get better cd gemstones.

Your flash kick need to be used to proc short recharge on fights you mastered. Constantly proc conviction/judgment on 1/2 of moon decrease/wheel of blades.

Proper fluid rotation need to be:

Thrust ->dragon horn -> pounce -> flash kick->raging dragon decrease-> shackling-> 1/2 of moon -> wheel of blades -> again to thrust at the same time as shackling buff continues to be up. -> repeat.

Getting maxed out runes and ability factors need to be your long time purpose.

Your quick therm purpose need to be getting at the least 10x maxed out tripods on vital competencies through Tripod inventory. This is pleasant utilization of your gold although ninety five blue crystals is 5k lost ark gold in view that tripod modifications are comming and shortly it'll be not possible to do.