Is the upcoming Madden NFL 18 on your computer?

For a while, the Madden NFL series is absent in the Origin IE store. In fact, the only game Madden NFL that can now be downloaded for your computer is the title of '08. As such, it is likely that the players hope they will be able to play the next Madden NFL 18 on your PC when released later this year.

At this time in time, I remained idle about the Madden NFL 18(madden 18 coins). As such, it's hard to tell if they will be released on the PC.

It is worth noting, however, that every sport a series of Madden NFL is not launched on the platform for a reason. In an interview with Gaminformr, Senior Vice President of Sport E, Matt Macrotis said, "Bessie is literally on a demand basis. There is still demand for Viva high on your PC worldwide because of global hunger for the game. That it is less than that with Madden, but I think that if these changes and the opportunity occur, I think we will definitely take advantage of this opportunity. "

As such, Madden NFL 18 seems unlikely to be on the platform, but it is certainly not guaranteed. As noisy fans enough to want Madden NFL 18 on your computer, hopefully, that is, sports and listening.