I've played a lot of quirky builds

I've played a lot of quirky builds, all good, all home made, some better than others.

Bonesshatter Slayer as Tournament Starter:

Great construction all around, but extremely boring and with little upside potential (within reasonable range). Don't understand why anyone would play this with a killer and not a juggler. Do not recommend. Function 9/10, overall 5/10. Archmage MoM agnostic abyss jewel stacking atziris rule heiro.

Awesome 10/10, I'm a bit poor at it, it could have been a lot better but it was super fun.

Rolling magma miner with crucible/overcast button.

7/10 Interesting but unremarkable build. I have 8 chains all on top of each other and the explosion is x size of screen no matter how many mines I can take down. The Palsterons video came out as soon as I made it and it was the same thing, just a little different.

Metal Master Impale Champion Dancing Dervishes.

3/10 Makes Dancing Dervish sick with Crucible, but that doesn't really matter even if the DDs don't deal enough damage.

Invade the Blade Vortex Champion with entropic devastation.

8/10 Tanky, good damage, but clearly below average. I should have switched to harvesting, which quadruples my dmg but feels wobbly.

Tape whisper scammers int stack.

9/10 Crazy tank, extremely high investment potential, but a bit slow. I haven't invested enough in qol to make it feel good, but I can just sit on the press and spin to win, so it doesn't have to feel good.

Finally, the build I'm playing right now:

Sunblast divergent lightning trap. 8/10 so far, I'm still cooking this, but it looks pretty good. Sunblast ignores the Lightning Trap's Crucible button drawback and the projectiles return. Lots of good stuff to work with.

PoB or more detailed information on any of these can be provided if anyone wants, although it will take another 8 hours. I also posted some introductions to the above builds on the sub.

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