​How to Make Gold in Runescape - Should I buy it?

Everyone can remember the first day that they stepped on those planes that make up Gielinor and Runescape or Runescape as we humans have dubbed it. Armed only with the wooden shield and sword as well as a heart of determination started our journey. We killed goblins and completed quests, we explored across the land, upgrading the wooden weapon to an imposing iron one, and our shield became one of the kite shields, and it even came with a helmet, and armor.

We then met with others who were playing and they were spotted with shiny armor and deadly swords. Envy is a powerful emotion that we wanted to experience, and we wanted one badly. We headed to the location that allows men to purchase everything... at the right price, of course. It's called the Grand Exchange. We decided to buy the same sword using cash we'd saved through our quests. We came across an NPC responsible for finding anything that an adventurer would need and asked him what price the sword would cost. He answered with the cost as well as our heart... and well our hearts were broken. It could take a few decades of going through goblins and completing missions to get that amazing sword.

If this has happened to you, then we feel. If you don't have the capacity to sit for hours playing the game you love it is possible that you find yourself facing an obstacle in your currency. Many MMORPGs require a lot of time and effort to accumulate gold. For those who aren't, there is a simpler way to acquire the in-game currency that you require to enjoy playing to the max. For instance, if enjoy playing old-fashioned Runescape You can purchase gold from RSorder store.

For those who prefer to earn money in the traditional way, there is a variety of methods to accomplish this. Here are two of the various ways you can go about it and the amount you could earn by following them.


If you're a free player, then you're not able to maximize your earnings potential. The most efficient method to choose from is to make your cowhide tan. Below are some steps to follow in order to achieve this.

The first step is to spend any cash you've saved on cowhides at the Grand Exchange, leaving yourself with at least one coin per cowhide. Then, head to the tanning salon located in Al Kharid. The tanner will be paid to tan all the cowhides that you have, which will transform these into leather. The price for this is one coin per hiding. Then, you return to the Grand Exchange and sell your hides for about 25-30 dollars more than the price you have paid per hiding.

While the rates fluctuate, however, you should earn at least 35kor more per hour using this method.

Spinning Flax

If you're an active member One of the most efficient ways to earn money is spinning flax. In order to do this, you'll need to be level 10 in crafting skills and a minimum of 15k gold. If you're not quite at 15k gold I would suggest using the cowhide method described above.

To earn money spin flax purchase flax from GE and then go to a spinning wheel. The best spinning wheel I believe is in Lumbridge.

Turn your flax into bowstrings which you can then market on the GE. The price for one flax is approximately 3-5 dollars on the GE One bowstring however, can fetch between 80 and 120 depending on the amount of demand.

A single hour of work will earn you around 130k in gold. And as an added bonus your craft skill is developed too.

Cost Vs. Time

As a fan of games and a player, playing a game according to the way it was designed to be played appeals to me most of the time. As an adult gamer, I'd like to have the most fun can in the brief amount of time I've set aside for gaming.

I'll break it down further to detail what I mean.

After work, gym as well as eating dinner, I can enjoy approximately 2 to 3 hours of gaming time per day.

This is equivalent to between 14 and 21 hours per week.

If I were a member who is paid, I'd likely use this method of grinding cash.

If I were to do this for each hour I played in the course of the week, then my income would be like this.

21x 130k = 2.73M gold. It's about 37.5 hours to get 5m.

If you are buying gold from a reliable site such as RSorder the price per million of gold is approximately PS0.52

Thus, for PS2.60 (Which represents their minimal purchase) I could get 5 million gold instantly from them.

The minimum wage in the area I reside in England is PS8.21 an hour. The average workday is 37.5 hours.

This means that over an entire week that I play Runescape as well as grind cash I would make PS2.60 in gold.

A full week of work at minimum wage could make me PS309.21.


As a gamer of the present, I am looking forward to spending as much time as I can in a game that I am truly enjoying. I'd like to complete my quests, understand the lore and participate in huge, difficult boss battles. What I don't wish to do is grind for hours and hours in my life, slogging away for the money needed to accomplish this. If you're a fanatic and want to be a true purist, my best wishes to you. If you adhere to the steps previously mentioned, you'll be able to make enough funds to participate in the game. For me, I'll keep buying OSRS gold online, through an authentic source, so I can afford that sharp sword I had was looking for from the start, long before I was a teenager.