For the first time ever occurred EA Sports Madden sanctions in the West

Nevada is planned for the UAE arena to host the first ever championship Madden EA Sports sanctions on the West Coast. In a press statement, the millennial Emirates unveiled, the owner and operator of the arena in Las Vegas plans to carry out a doubleheader Madden NFL 17 Madden Championship Championship on Xbox and PlayStation one set (4).

Two tournaments will separate penalties, including Madden NFL 17 Xbox and the Millennium Open Emirates Madden NFL 17 PlayStation Open. While separate events will be held at the same time. It will run the tournament in the bodies of 15,000 square feet UAE arena located in downtown Las Vegas.

The event is scheduled to be held March 25 to 26.2017 which is open to the public. According to a press release, "All professional players and amateur Madden NFL hopefuls at the national level, at the age of 18 and older, you can use one or enter both tournaments for a chance to be part of the $ 10,000 to win. "

Besides the prize money of $ 10,000, "winners qualify earn double points for the championship MCS Madden, starring $ 500,000 in May 2017, where one player will be crowned champion of Madden NFL 17."

This event is the last chance for players to earn points Madden series starring as Madden Championship.

Chief Executive Officer of the Millennium Emirates company, Alex Aagelman, shared happiness during the event facility and the new Emirates.

"Wired We have a new arena of live casting, hosting players and tournaments and accommodates facilitate up to 500 people. EA Sports and resources within the community in the UAE, and we are proud to be able to reinvest in downtown Las Vegas. "