​Edible Seaweed OSRS Guide: How To Get & Use the Seaweed?

Edible seaweed OSRS is the edible version of seaweed. Here is our edible seaweed guide to help you learn how to get and utilize this product.

Edible seaweed can cure 4 hitpoints. It can possibly be asked for by Malignius Mortifer in order to enchant your secateurs through Fairytale I - Growing Pains.

It is possible to use the edible seaweed to generate soda ash, an ingredient for molten glass OSRS. To create the pop ash OSRS, you have to cook the raw seaweed on a range of flames. Smelting the soda ash with a spoonful of sand in a furnace or the Lunar spell Superglass Make will produce molten glass.

The way to obtain edible seaweed OSRS?

You may get the edible seaweed in the following creatures:

Rock Crab

Sand Crab

Ammonite Crab

Giant lobster

Swamp Crab

Sea Snake Hatchling

Dagannoth (Waterbirth Island)

Sea Snake Young

Rock lobster

Giant Sea Snake


Additionally, edible seaweed spawns from the shore areas on Fossil Island, and near the Mahogany trees in Mos Le'Harmless.

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