Dark and Darker - Wizard Spell Damage Calculation

Is there a comprehensive understanding of how Wizard spell damage is calculated in practical terms?

From what I've gathered, attributes like Will, Magic Power, and the 10% Magic Power perk contribute to increasing your damage by a certain percentage. So, if a spell like Fireball deals 30 base damage, and you have a 30% Magic Power bonus, hitting someone with no Magic Resistance (MR) would grant you an additional 30 * 30% = 9 damage, resulting in a total of 30 + 9 = 39 damage.

Furthermore, if you acquire equipment or abilities that grant you additional magic damage (e.g., +5 additional magic damage), this value is added directly to the base magical damage of the spell (in this case, Fireball would now have a base damage of 35).

Now, let's discuss stat priority when considering how to allocate your resources:

- Magic Power Bonus: This is a significant priority because it directly increases your damage output.

- Will: Will boosts your Magic Power Bonus, making it valuable in enhancing your damage potential.

- Add Magical Damage: Any source that adds flat magical damage to your spells should be considered as it directly augments your spell's power.

- True Magical Damage: Similar to Add Magical Damage, this boosts your base spell damage directly.

- All Stats: These can provide a well-rounded improvement to your character's overall performance.

- Magic Penetration: While still valuable, this should be prioritized slightly lower than the previous attributes since it affects damage after the opponent's Magic Resistance is taken into account.

Remember that the specific calculations may vary depending on the game's mechanics and balance changes. Therefore, it's essential to stay updated with the latest patches and community discussions to optimize your wizard's performance effectively. Also you can buy Dark and Darker Gold from MMOexp.com, improve your items and damage. Good luck.