​D4 monetization/trading

This has been on my thoughts for idea for a little. I'm curious to hear what other people are thinking about this.

Two points to begin:

1,D4 community wants that the game be constantly maintained, with new high-quality content released regularly as well as a system to make sure there are no dupes, bots or other dupes.

2,ATVI is looking to continue to make money from the game and to have it become profitable

3,Trading is broadly allowed in D4, closer to D2 than D3.

Setting aside the micro transactions that are cosmetic, the above two points would be a sign of a game costing $ as well as a subscription model (at minimum for PC (for console it's difficult to tell if there is an it is a requirement for an annual subscription).

The biggest problem in D2 trading involved (a) bots and dupes, (b) lack of an appropriate currency with worth, (c) players going out of the game to buy items using actual dollars.

Looks like a contemporary game that is always on, with a mmo infrastructure and support that is ongoing should completely eliminate the botting that was a problem in D2.

For currency is concerned, why don't you let players buy it in game currency, then refer to it as "gold" using real money?

Gold is dropped through monsters, etc. However, it can also be purchased at ATVI (monthly purchase quantity is limited) or utilized to "buy" time to play (at an exchange rate that is standard).

The result will be "gold" being the official currency. The use of "gold" as a means to buy time in the game could be considered an "sink" that allows it to keep its value. This will render third party websites selling items insignificant (why make use of these sites when you can remain within the terms of service and simply purchase in-game "gold" that could be exchanged against things). Players who play often can "earn" sufficient gold in order to completely (or mostly) pay their subscription fees. Effectively, players who are more active and help keep the player base and community active (i.e. "add the value" in the sport) are able to play at a lower cost compared. less casual players.

Yes, you'll be able to utilizemoney to purchase more expensive products, but that's just the norm anyway (if you're not able to do it on your own, third-party sites will surely allow it, with an additional cost to the community).

An example:

Player A finds Ber rune

Player B purchases 1mm of gold at ATVI for $10. Player B adds $1 to ATVI to purchase ($11 up to ATVI)

A player trades 1mm of gold for Ber rune

Player A may make use of one millimeter of gold in order to cover the for monthly fee for subscription, or use it to trade it in for other items he or she requires

It is necessary to establish some proportion of time spent playing to the amount of gold earned (keep the fact that such a ratio ratio already exists when you recognize that players may sell their goods in real dollars on websites that are third party).

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