​D2R Item Drop rates are good enough and here is why

It's day 10 of season and I've completed the my build with Barbrian Horker. It's not completely optimised with the best equipment I could get, however it is an amazing character for MF runs as well as Online grail which I'm planning to finish.

Many people are claiming that the drop rate is now excessive however I believe my argument is proof that this is not the case. Yes , I played a lot during those 10 days, however, I didn't have the greatest luck I've experienced, d2r items and I know many players who had much better success this year. Also, it was only 10 days. Anyone playing at a moderate pace is able to do it in 20 days. Casual within a month, which is perfectly fine and a reasonable time. Therefore, I don't think that things require any icnrease drops in any way. There is already Icnrease drops in the terror zones anyway.

Additionally, you could get sutff earlier without the use of RMT and FG previously grown JSP.

Here is my barb btw and its hybrid of Double Swing/Berserk build: the video

I spent those 10 days farming with my sorc, and this barb along with some scavange, horking games. My sorc has 89 , and this barb is 91, so is perfect to use in Terror zones to reap the possible advantages.

How did I arrive at this point? I'll explain.

I began Season by finding a Speedrun group. We completed the hell out in just 3 hours. Then we created rush for our second MF character (I began by chatting with Barb). We were then informed that sunder charms were dropping from elites who have a high probability of dropping via find items, that my barb was using in the first place, so we spent an hour or so farming until we had one from each element.

In the meantime, I was mostly farming the game of Any, Mephisto and most Diablo Hell. I found two shakos , and lots of other items I traded. Shakos that were early on went for Ohm and later, I discovered the Ohm Durance of Hate 2 super chest in Chaos Sur, Ohm Durance of Hate 2 super chest to the left of Mephisto and another Ohm in the Arcane Sanctuary super chest of buy d2r ladder items.

I was also involved in Lower Kurast runs, which included open games with 7 other people. I also kept running with things. I was able to collect a lot of extremely nice charms which as you will see in my bar. Additionally, I found Ist, Vex and another Sur in LK from the objects.

With all this selling items and the gaining price that was given to our speedrun team I reached this point I do not have a an adequately equipped barbershop for running and MF. 5500 lives, 75% resist , with the exception of poison nearly 500 percent of MF, 71% locate chances to find an item.

It's time to start my online Barb Only Grail is now available.