A Newcomer's Struggle in FC24

Embarking on the journey of FIFA FC24 as a new player can be a rollercoaster of emotions, ranging from excitement to frustration. As a relatively recent addition to the Xbox community, I dove into the game two weeks ago with eagerness, only to find myself grappling with a sense of inadequacy and unfairness.

My foray into the Ultimate Team (UT) mode, armed with a team that I deemed decent, quickly turned into a series of defeats that left me questioning my skills and the matchmaking system. Despite immersing myself in instructional videos on formations, tactics, and player movements, the results on the virtual pitch painted a disheartening picture.

The feeling of being the worst player in the world, compounded by the seemingly insurmountable gap between my skill level and that of my opponents, became a recurring theme. The frustration peaked when facing adversaries who, in my eyes, resembled e-sports professionals with teams boasting ICONs and formidable female players.

The surreal and unreal movements of my opponents' players added another layer to my disillusionment. It felt like an uphill battle where victory was a distant dream, and every effort to improve was met with disappointment.

The goal, however, was not to become a pro player but to savor the game, relishing the time spent in online matches. Yet, every encounter left me feeling defeated, overshadowing any enjoyment I sought from the experience. The perceived unfairness of matchmaking and the overwhelming presence of elite players drained the joy out of the game.

Contemplating giving up on Ultimate Team, and perhaps the entire FC24 experience, became a serious consideration. The toll on my mental well-being, stress levels, and overall enjoyment of the game became evident in a short span of two weeks.

As I consider bidding farewell to the world of online FC, there are several reasons behind this decision. The time commitment required to improve and compete at a satisfactory level proved unsustainable, with the game demanding several hours each day. Mental health took a hit, and the stress permeated into other aspects of life, raising concerns from those around me.

A significant misconception surfaced during this brief journey – the belief that Ultimate Team is primarily about playing soccer with a dream team. Instead, it revealed itself as a card collecting game, heavily focused on grinding, mastering game mechanics, and often influenced by the profit motives of the game's creators.

In the final analysis, games should be a source of enjoyment. However, the competitive nature of FC24, coupled with what felt like an unrealistic and stressful environment, led to a reassessment of priorities. The decision to part ways with UT and possibly FC24 is a personal one, fueled by a desire to prioritize mental health and overall well-being.

For those facing similar challenges, the message is not necessarily to follow the same path but to recognize the importance of mental health in gaming. Each player's journey is unique, and the decision to continue or step back should be guided by the pursuit of genuine enjoyment and a balanced life.

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